CA buys 23,000,000 flu masks with Fed Grant

California may be practically bankrupt, but they sure know how to scoop up federal money.

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PBS' Sid the Science Kid on now has a link to a special edition of the PBS show, "Sid the Science Kid," explaining how flu vaccinations work and how to prevent the flu. The collaborative episode made its debut on PBS on Oct. 26, 2009 with subsequent airings scheduled for Nov. 19, Nov. 27 and Dec. 21.

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Quarantines No Help Against Swine Flu

Health officials say there is little data to support that quarantines such as school closures do anything to prevent spread of the H1N1 virus. China's radical measures at first seemed to be working, but Beijing now reports that cases of swine flu are much higher than the initial numbers show.


Pediatricians Brewing Flu Medicine

Pediatricians Brewing Flu Medicine

With Tamiflu flying off of the shelves, and instructions being too hard to read, pediatricians are now mixing their own medication to prevent Swine Flu in younger children. Humco Holding Group, the company that makes cherry syrup for medications, is receiving record breaking orders from private practices across the nation. Doctors are mixing the cherry syrup with Tamiflu capsules themselves for their younger patients. Click below for more information:

Sugary Mix Is Just What the Flu Doctor Ordered

One Shot for Older Kids

One Shot for Older Kids

Teens, as well as adults, are now able to receive a one shot vaccine for H1N1. It was previously thought that a one shot vaccination was ill advised for those under 18. A new study shows that 76% of kids older than ten have a strong enough response to the vaccination. Such results are acceptable under federal standards. Children younger than ten are still recommended to take the two dose vaccine, as the one shot is proven to only be 25% effective in that age group. For more information, click the link below:

Officials: Older Kids Need Only One Swine Flu Shot

3.4 Million H1N1 Vaccine Doses in October

3.4 Million New Doses of Vaccine in October

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced today that 3.4 million new doses of the American Swine Flu vaccine will be available in the first week of October. This new vaccine is inhaled instead of injected. It is recommended only for healthy individuals between ages 2 and 49 because it contains a live sample of the virus. Pregnant women and infants are warned against taking the inhaled vaccine. To learn more, click below:

CDC: 3.4 million Inhalable H1N1 Vaccine Doses Available Soon