Greenland Ice Melting

Greenland Ice Melting

The British Journal Nature released a new study proving that Greenland is melting faster than previously thought. The research, discovered by the University of Copenhagen, proved that previous data had been misinterpreted due to Greenland's unusual elevation changes. Previously thought to be immune to climate change, the increased melting is cause for great concern, not just for Greenland's citizens. To read more, click the link below:

Greenland Ice Sheet's Disappearing Act

Global Warming a Global Concern

Obama Urges Cooperation

American President Barack Obama spoke to the UN Security Council for the first time today. His message was of international peace and unity. Obama singled out nuclear weapons, war, and climate change as top global concerns. His message was that America cannot solve these problems alone and it is time for international cooperation to solve pressing global problems. Click below for more information:

Obama urges world to stand united

America Speaks on Climate

Obama Speaks on Climate

American President Barack Obama spoke today at the UN summit on climate change. Like his Chinese counterpart, President Obama spoke about the importance of the issue, but did not discuss numbers. He called the global warming threat “urgent” and talked about bills in the US House of Representatives to cap emissions and set new vehicle standards. However, no details were given for the new UN agreement to be signed in Copenhagen this December. For more information, click below:

At U.N., Obama Calls Global Warming Threat 'Urgent'

China Speaks on Climate

Hu Jintao Speaks on Climate

Chinese President Hu Jintao spoke at the UN summit on climate change. President Hu vowed action at curbing carbon emissions, but mentioned no specific targets that his nation is willing to accept. The Chinese President promised a cut of its carbon intensity (carbon emissions per GDP) by a “notable margin” by 2020. A reduction in carbon emissions is unlikely because China's GDP is estimated to greatly increase by 2020. For more information, click below:

China vows climate change action

0 Progess on 0 Emissions

No Emission Targets for UN Bill

Despite 190 nations negotiating, nobody has mentioned limiting global carbon emissions. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso suggests the UN Bill in line to replace the Kyoto Protocol will not have specific emission targets, reducing the bill's integrity. A growing sentiment among ambassadors is that there is too little time and too many differences to meet this December's deadline in Copenhagen. Click below for more information:

Climate Agreement Won’t Include Emissions Targets

Recession Cuts CO2

Recession Helps Environment

The Internal Energy Association (IEA) estimates that global CO2 emissions have fallen by 2% in 2009. The same report states that the global economic recession is responsible for 3/4's of that loss. Aside from household cutbacks, a drastic decrease in fossil fuel investment is also a result of the recession. The full IEA report due to be published in November will also contain tips for developed nations to maintain this reduction in carbon pollution. Click below for more information:

Recession and policies cut carbon

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